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100pcs High Purity Spirulina Tablets Spiral Seaweed Enrichment Favorite Pets Food Fish Crystal Red Shrimp Fish Food Aquarium

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    This product is made of pure algae, highly nutritious, easy to digest and can activate fish various of physiological base.

    Rich in protein, amino acids, minerals, chlorophyll, etc., can promote the growth of fish and shrimp, and enhance the vitality of fish and shrimp, improve survival. Rich more than ten kinds of vitamins. Due to the special nature of its cell wall structure, it is easy to be absorbed in fish digestion.

    Shelf life: 2 years

    Storage: cool and dry place

    Color: Green

    Quantity: 100200/300/500pcs

    Feeding methods:

    Directly put into water to feeding. Put into the water can be expanded to about double!

    2-3 days will not disintegrating, not muddy! Really solve the the trouble of farming fish and shrimp muddy water!

    Package include:100/200/300/500pcs Spirulina Tablets

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