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Apibuzz Apifluva Anti Varroa Strips – 20-Count Pack – Effective Varroa Treatment for Beekeeping – Beehive Accessories

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    Safeguard your bee colonies with Apibuzz Apifluva Anti Varroa Strips. This 20-count pack for effective Varroa mite treatment, protecting the bees of your honeybee hives. Explore our selection of beekeeping supplies and essential beehive accessories for a thriving apiary.


    Product Name: Apifluva

    Generic Name: Varroa Strip

    Size: 20 Strips/Packet

    Function: It is for basic bee mite prevention and treatment. Does no harm to honey bees. Must-have beekeeping essentials.

    Usage: Apply 1 strip for 10-frame beehive (Recommend). After 5-7 days, replace or add strips (same dose) one more time. Administer the strips 3-4 times as a complete course of treatment.

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