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APIFLUME 20-Count Pack Antivarroa Strips – Varroa Treatment in Beehive – Bee Accessories – Beekeeping Tool – Apiculture Material

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    Prioritize the health and endurance of your bee colony with APIFLUME strips for beekeeping. Crafted with precision to combat resistant Varroa mites, these strips are indispensable for dedicated beekeepers. Their efficacy and user-friendliness establish them as an integral part of your beekeeping arsenal, providing robust protection for your cherished bees. By incorporating these strips into your regular beekeeping practices, you’re guaranteeing a Varroa-free and flourishing sanctuary for your bees. Rely on APIBUZZ’s APIFLUME strips for superior hive management and the well-being of your treasured bees.


    Trade Name: APIFLUME

    Product Name: Varroa Strip

    Size: 20 Strips/ Packet

    Usage: Apply 1 strip for 10-frame beehive (Recommend). After 5-7 days, replace or add strips (same dose) one more time. Administer the strips 3-4 times as a complete course of treatment.

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