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Chinese Style Table Runner Luxury Cotton Linen Jacquard Embroidered CoffeeTable Runners Decorative Bed Runner Table Flag Hotel

From R364.44
  • Size:

  • Color:


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  • Description

    Material:Polyester Fiber (Polyester)
    Color:as picture
    1. Both the fabric and the jacquard webbing are selected high-quality fabrics, composed of cotton and linen, with a high grammage value and a good texture. The double layers are all the same fabric, and the reverse side is a solid color, or it can be used alone.
    2. The hanging ears are fine and dense, and the cost is high
    3. Professional cutting of table runners, guaranteed quality

    How To Choose

    33*80cm (suitable for small kang length 40-60cm)
    33*100cm (applicable table length 40-50cm)
    33*120cm (applicable table length 60-70cm)
    33*140cm (applicable to table length 80-90cm)
    33*160cm (for table top length 100-110cm)
    33*180cm (applicable table length 120-130cm)
    33*200cm (applicable to table length 140-150cm)
    33*230cm (applicable table length 170-180cm)
    33*250cm (applicable table length 190-200cm)
    33*280cm (applicable table length 220-230cm)
    33*300cm (applicable table length 240-250cm)
    33*320cm (applicable table length 260-270cm)
    33*350cm (applicable table length 290-300cm)
    33*380cm (applicable table length 320-330cm)

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