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Drillforce Cobalt Screw Thread Tap Drill Bits HSSCO M35 Straight Flute Metric M2-M16 Machine Tap Right Hand For Stainless Steel

From R220.33
  • Thread Diameter:

  • Pitch:


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  • Description

    Made of m35 hss co material, full grinding process, with high wear and heat resistant, durable, more better than normal hss taps.

    Standard metric thread, straight flutes, down-ward chip removal, good versatility, processing depth within 2D, no chip residue.

    Provide rapid chip removal for efficient threading and smooth tapping.

    Easy to process normal materials such as steel, Iron, copper, aluminum, zinc, alloy steel, die steel, titanium alloy and etc.

    Perfect for hard materials, such as stainless steel.

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