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For Huawei GT4 Smartwatch Men’s Watch 4 Pro AMOLED HD Screen Bluetooth Call NFC Health Monitoring Smartwatch 2023 New Watch GT4

From R1033.25
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  • Description

    1. About the new product WATCH GT 4, it has a new fashion design. It has a simple and atmospheric circular dial, embedded in the angular octagon outline, strong geometric elements impact the eye ⁠, dynamic, firm, ⁠ and tough.

    2. Custom exquisite dial replacement, diverse styles, science and technology, sports, machinery…… Do something different every day. Blossom dial, combined with your current exercise steps, calories consumed, active hours and other data, elegant bloom, burst infinite vitality. AOD steady dial 5, wonderful content all eyes ⁠ bottom.

    3. Integrated smart monitoring technology, wearing a watch can accurately calculate your total daily calorie consumption. The new calorie gap interface visually displays the data of dietary calorie intake, exercise calorie consumption, static and resting calorie consumption, calorie gap, etc., to encourage you to achieve the fitness goal ⁠.

    4. Thanks to the new sign monitoring technology, the watch can monitor heart rate even when worn at low ⁠ temperatures. Support to set the target heart rate interval, when the heart rate is too low or too high, the watch will issue a real-time abnormal reminder 10, to help you timely ⁠ solution to their own ⁠ state.

    5. The new WATCH GT 4 physical signs monitoring technology brings more accurate heart ⁠ rate, blood oxygen, sleep, pressure and other physical signs monitoring, helping you to have a deep insight into your own health ⁠ status, multi-directional health management.

    6. Through Bluetooth and mobile phone connection, the watch can also answer or refuse to answer the phone, check ⁠ to see the call record, whether outdoor fitness or housework, the call is easy ⁠.

    7.WATCH GT 4 is connected to life and you deserve it.

    Product parameters:

    Screen size :1.53 inches

    Waterproof class :IP68

    Life: Use about 5-7 days, standby about 30 days

    Resolution :360 * 360

    Battery capacity :300 mah

    Application :RDFit

    Charging method: wireless charging

    Compatible systems :Android 4.4 and above, IOS 9.0 and above


    Hd Bluetooth fairy tale, compass, off-screen pointer, cover hand off screen, custom picture, APP background download picture, two-dimensional code (download connection two-in-one), find mobile phone, calendar, movement track, restart, message push, remote camera, Alipay, sleep monitoring, altitude, temperature monitoring, weather, blood pressure, voice assistant, my two-dimensional code, key definition Settings, blood oxygen Breathe, dial, pedometer, timer, menu style, factory reset, Settings (Smart Island, drain, power saving mode, screen off time, raise wrist light, NFC, brightness, key definition, vibration intensity, Do not Disturb mode, password Settings, language, time and date Settings, Connect APP, reset factory, restart, shutdown, about), phone (Contact) People, call logs, Dialer pad, call Settings, Emergency calls), calculator, heart rate, language selection, information about the watch, alarm, motion mode, Bluetooth music, Bluetooth calls, stopwatch, screen time, vibration intensity, time and date Settings, Password lock.

    Drop-down menu:

    Bluetooth switch, Do not disturb mode, brightness adjustment, one-button lock screen, weather, off, payment code, Tiktok, Alipay, steady on Settings, NFC, Settings, alarm, shake switch, menu style, factory reset.

    Swipe up menu: Push Message.

    Swipe right: Split screen (weather, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, music, common applications).

    Swipe left: Add mini programs (heart rate, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, blood oxygen, breath training, step count, weather, music, temperature monitoring).

    Languages supported :

    1. English, 2. Russian, 3. Spanish, 4. German, 5. Italian, 6. French, 7. Portuguese, 8. Turkish, 9. Japanese, 10. Hebrew, 11. Czech, 12. Arabic, 13. Korean, 14. Farsi


    Smart Watch * 1

    Charging cable * 1

    User Manual * 1

    Original box * 1

    After receiving the watch, please charge it first. Because after a long time of logistics, the power of the watch is very low. Before use, scan the QR code on the manual to download the app, and connect the watch with the app.

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