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Mokkom Electric Juicer Mini Portable Blender Fruit Mixers Fruit Extractors Multifunction Juice Maker Machine Blender Kitchen Too

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  • Description

    Parameter introduction:

    Product name: Juicer

    Item model number: MK-198

    Rated frequency: 50Hz

    Rated voltage: 220V~

    Rated power: 100W

    Net weight: 0.9KG

    Gross weight: 1.3KG

    Product size: 100x107x310mm

    Type: Juice Residue Separation

    Mokkom mini juicer Main features:

    *Principle of slow grinding without blade, antique stone grinding, low-speed kneading, 43r/min, will not damage the fruit cell wall and retain the original nutrition.

    *mokkom metal gear motor, continuous squeezing 2.5kg carrots without jamming machine.

    *The juice extraction system has only three parts, which can be easily disassembled, installed and cleaned by children and the elderly.

    *The juice yield rate is as high as 97% using the carrot residue method, surpassing 98% of traditional juicers.

    *99% of juicers are afraid to squeeze celery, mokkom mini juicer, easy to squeeze celery.

    Small as a can The third generation of mini juicer

    Macaron color integration design
    One of the few mini juicers with a sense of integrity


    Pursuit of perfect design

    Hide traditional juicer vertical beams

    For the sake of beauty Mokkom does not compromise on any abrupt points

    Smaller than small, may be the category TOP SMALL

    While retaining strong power
    Only accounts for 1/5 of the volume of large-caliber juicers on the market



    Pure juice produced by bladeless slow grinding principle

    The taste is so good that it beats the blade juicer
    Antique stone grinding, low speed kneading, 43r/min, will not destroy the fruit cell wall, retain the original nutrition

    mokkom metal gear motor

    Most of the cheap juicers are mostly plastic gears, and their lifespan is very low.



    Innovative piston-type removable dust plug

    Can be easily removed for easy cleaning

    Juicing system with only three components

    Children and the elderly can easily disassemble, install and clean

    Test Juice Rate by Carrot Residue Method The pure juice rate is as high as 97%

    Beyond 98% of traditional juicers
    10 catties carrot residue content test method√

    Mokkom juicer celery easily squeezed

    99% of juicers are afraid to squeeze celery

    Europeans like to drink celery juice,

    But celery has dense long fibers, and the Mokkom team has worked hard to overcome this problem for several years.


    Pomegranate safe squeeze Pomegranate juice is great to drink

    For soft seeds like pomegranates, the seeds will be automatically separated to the slag outlet for discharge. For hard-core fruits like peaches, the core should be removed first.

    Pure fruit juice without a drop of water

    0 fat 0 added original taste is healthier

    Juicers make real juice

    Easy to handle picky eaters


    DIY Juice Cocktail

    Girlfriends come to the house for a happy drink

    Soy milk can also be grinded

    The whole machine has only one button


    The elderly and children can operate, easy to use

    Fruits and vegetables can be squeezed

    Kind tips:
    Because sugar cane is too hard and lemon is strongly acidic, these two cannot be squeezed! Juicy soft and waxy fruits such as mangoes, bananas, and dragon fruits cannot produce juice. Oranges are very soft fruits. It is recommended to use harder apples, pears, etc. The effect of combined pressing is better, and the effect of celery cutting is better!

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