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Stainless steel Quartz Watch Dive Military Sport Watches Mens Diving Analog Digital Watch Male Army Altimeter Compass NORTH EDGE

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    0, Dive Mode (Dive depth, Max dive depth 50m, water temperature)
    1, Waterproof 200m
    2, Altimeter
    3, Barometer (48 hours air pressure trend chart)
    4, Compass
    5, Thermometer (Temperature)
    6, Pedometer, step counter, calorie, distance record
    7, Time functions: hour, minute, second, year(2000-2099), month, date, weekday, 12H/24H format
    9, Countdown timer (99:59:59~0)
    10, Stopwatch (0~99:59:59), 50 sets of data
    12, Worldtime functions (daylight saving time switch automatically)
    13, Digital compass
    14, Battery life remind
    15, EL Backlight


    Q1. Why the temperature is incorrect?

    A1. when the watch worn on the arm, affecting by the human body haetm the tempearature value
    display on the screen will be higher than room temperature. So if you want to get the room temperature, please put the watch on a table, and avoid direct sunlight on it, the actual room temperature will show on the watch after 20 minutes.

    Q2. How long can the watch battery use?

    A2. Can be used about 12 months. battery no. is CR 2430 . you can use one coin turn concentrate back cover.

    Q3. Can the button work normally in the dive mode?

    A3. Can’t, Considering diving safety, button are closed under diving mode. expect “light” buttom.

    Q4. What is the diameter of the screen protector glass?

    A4. The New Gavia 2 screen is curve, only can suit soft film Screen protector glss dia is 40mm.

    Q5: Why is my watch time wrong

    Q5: Before using the watch, you need to calibrate the hands. In the manual 5.0, there is a method of how to calibrate the hands, or you can contact us, we have a video




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