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Wangshi Manhao-pro Small 80Strips Fluvalinate Strip Beekeeping Varroa Mite Killer Bee Medicine

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  • Description

    Generic Name: Manhao Pro
    Package: 40strips(80 small strips)/pack
    Active Ingredient: Fluvalinate 40mg/strip
    Description: Yellow strips with special foul smell
    Indication: Kill and control varroa mites
    Storage: Keep it sealed and preserved in a cool and dry place.
    Validity: 4 years

    The product is effective in contact toxicity and stomach poisoning action, and not volatile. Fluvalinate, the active ingredient, may function on the nervous systems of varroa mites. It changes permeability of the synaptic membrane to ions by specific receptors or dissolved in the membrane and selectively acts on the sodium channels. Fluvalinate delays the closing of channel valves, causing a continuous inflow of Na+, then arousing over excitement and spasm, and eventually resulting in varroa mites dying from paralysis. After hanging for half an hour, it comes into effect. During no-brood period, drug applying time may be adjusted from 21 to 28 days to reach a thorough elimination of varroa mites, which is a long-acting product. During brood period please extend drug applying time.

    1-4 honeycombs 0.5 strip
    5-8 honeycombs 0.5-1 strip
    9-12 honeycombs 1-2 strips

    Tips: Before widely use, select 3-5 bee colonies for trial, and observe 24-48 hours. If no any abnormal cases, It can be used securely. If bees are found injured or move abnormally, please consider reduce the use amount, or even stop using.

    Slightly far places can be selected to hang the strips to make sure the active content is evenly spread. The amount of strips can not be applied as recommendation, hang more or less according to Severity of varroa mites.Replace or refill the strips once every 5-7days, and 3-4 times forms 1 course of treatment.

    1. Do not use with other pesticide or alkaline medicine, or it will lose effect.
    2. Before widely use, trial among 3-5 bee groups is required.
    3. Medicine usage period should not be more than 6-8 weeks.
    4. Do not touch with honey or put together with other pesticides.
    5. Put away from children. And to ensure the best effect, open the package when ready to use.
    6. When hanging the medicine strip, wear protective gloves, no smoking, eating or drinking water, and wash your hands after hanging the medicine strips.
    7. The best temperature is 15-35℃. Abnormal bee groups like lack of food, ready to move or have just moved to new places, and others should use other products with less active content.
    8. Do not use this product during honey flow period.

    1.Can we use it along with other bee medicine?
    No, we should avoid to do so. Because if too many kinds of medicine like Amitraz Solution are used at the same time, the effect will be very strong, which may hurt bees.

    2.How many times should we kill bee mite?
    Not a exact time, usually 2-3 times. It depends on severity of bee mites.

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